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About Joleen

Hi! I’m Joleen and I’m a Franco-American make-up artist based in Paris. I’m in the business of making women look and feel beautiful and I love it!

After graduating from the Institut Technique du Maquillage I began working on the hit French comedy musical ‘Mozart L’Opera Rock’. In addition to my experience with the stage, I have also worked in French television and fashion. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of make-up and French beauty through my various classes and workshops.

Originally from California, I love the sunshine and wish I could walk barefoot all the time. I am a romantic free spirit, a yogi who runs and a pretty cheerful person in general!

Joleen is a very accomplished makeup artist and a pleasure to work with. She accompanied my girlfriends and I on a photo shoot thru Paris making sure our hair and makeup were touched up along the way. She even held our purses! Very sweet and talented young lady! Peggy