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Buy & Try – Make-up Brush Cleaning Glove

Nov 5, 2016 | Accessories | 0 comments


So brush cleaning gloves have been becoming more and more popular in the past year, I’ve been seeing them all over social media! Even though I’m more of a traditional wet-soap-lather-rinse kind of girl, I decided to buy one and try it out!

There are quite a few models out there, some fancier than others, but I decided to go with E.L.F Cosmetic’s glove. It’s a basic silicone rectangular glove that you slip on your hand. The glove has 3 different textures on the surface, large raised dots on one end for face brushes, small raised dots on the other end for eye and lip brushes and raised straight lines along the middle to straighten brushes once rinsed. There are 2 holes on one side that also allow to you straighten certain brushes. This is what it looks like:



They recommend using a brush cleanser or shampoo but I decided to stick with my bar of Savon de Marseille (that I mention in How to Properly Clean your Brushes) Slip the glove onto your hand (I put it on my left because I am right handed!) then get your brush and glove wet. If you are using a cleanser or shampoo, pour it directly on the glove. Otherwise, rub your wet brush along the bar of soap. Then rub your brush along the correct surface until you work up a lather. Rinse and lather until your brush is clean! Then rinse a final time and set down your brush to dry and repeat with another! Pretty easy!



Now for my thoughts! I liked the glove, even though I noticed that cleaning my brushes took a little longer. I had to clean one brush at a time; I wasn’t really able to clean multiple brushes at the same time like I’m used to doing. Also, when I first started using it I kept rinsing the glove after each brush, so I was using a lot more soap and losing a little more time. But then I discovered that I didn’t necessarily have to do that. Depending on the brush, I still had plenty of soap left over on the glove to use for several brushes. I did find that the glove cleaned the brushes very thoroughly, especially the foundation and powder brushes (that can be tricky sometimes!)

So I would have to say YES to the Make-Up Brush Cleaning Glove! Even though it takes a little getting used to and takes a little bit longer, it really does do a good job. Now is it completely necessary? Maybe not, but it is a cool and efficient tool! I do recommend the one that I purchased, E.L.F Cosmetic’s Cleaning Glove, not only does it do the trick—it only costs $10! Awesome, right?!

For more information about how to properly clean your make-up brushes be sure to check out the blogpost I wrote about it!

Have you tried a brush cleaning glove? If so, what are your thoughts??

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I LOVE this balm! Not only does it brighten and tighten, you can use it as a mask once a week to give your face a healthy glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines (Very important with the cold weather coming!) If your complexion is looking a little tired then this is the cream for you! I use it as a primer before making up my models on shoots, I love the satin luminous effect it has on the complexion. I highly recommend this cream as a moisturizer and make-up primer!