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Buy & Try – The Original Make-up Eraser

Sep 24, 2016 | Accessories | 1 comment


So I’ve been hearing about this product for a while now and have always been a little curious. When I saw it for sale at Sephora here in Paris the other day I decided to buy it and try it! It’s the Make-Up Eraser! It looks like this:



So what is it? It’s basically a wash cloth that once wet allows you to take your makeup off – no makeup remover needed! Too good to be true, right? Needless to say I was skeptical! I tried it out for a week…

So first of all, I tried to look for ingredients to see what made this magic product work – didn’t find any. Although, I did see somewhere that it is 100 % natural. Shall we believe them?

They recommend you wash the cloth before use, so I popped it in the washing machine and started using it right away! My first impression was Wow! This actually does work! After I finished rubbing my face ( I admit it felt a little odd to rub my made up face with a wash cloth and not get any makeup in my eyes!) I passed a cotton pad with makeup remover on it over my face to see if there was any leftover makeup. The cloth had taken off all my eye makeup (even mascara!) but there was still some foundation on my face. I thought I might have not rubbed my face thoroughly enough. When I tried again the next day I had no problems!

Wednesday night I got dolled up and went swing dancing! When I got home, the cloth took my foundation, highlighter, blush and eyeliner off like a pro but had a little harder time with my waterproof mascara!

Other than that, the MakeUp Eraser was pretty efficient. One of the only downfalls, in my opinion, is how dirty it gets after a couple uses. Okay, yes, it’s only makeup, but still! I live by myself and don’t do loads of laundry everyday so I settled on washing it once a week. I guess if you’re doing loads everyday you could pop the cloth in there with it, no problem! This is what it looks like after one week of use everyday:



I was worried about how it would look after I popped it in the washing machine after a week, but it was perfectly clean!



So in resumé, The MakeUp Eraser was pretty efficient and I liked it, but I think I might stick with my Bioderma makeup remover! I don’t like how dirty the cloth gets after a couple uses, and it sort of got a wet towel smell after a couple days…

It’s a great option for someone who doesn’t want to put any extra chemicals on their face and it’s most likely very practical when traveling! I’m headed to Spain in October and I think I’ll take it with me! That way I don’t have to take a bottle of makeup remover with me (which means more room for clothes!)

I would love to hear your opinions on the MakeUp Eraser! Please let me know what you thought about it!!


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MAC’s Bronzing Powder in ‘Matte Bronze’

I love this bronzer! It is a bronzer that you can wear all year round thanks to it’s no shine and subtle bronzing effect. It’s perfect to give you a natural healthy glow even in the colder months! And don’t be intimidated by the dark colored powder my fair skin-toned ladies! I’m quite pale myself, and if I can wear it you can wear it!!