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How to control your shine

Aug 13, 2016 | Face | 0 comments


It’s summer time! That means it’s hot outside. And, as we all know, with the heat comes shiny (ok yes, sweaty) faces as well as other heat related make-up complications ! Today I’m going to focus on the shine and tell you how you can control it. For those of us who have oily skin and have a tendency to shine all year round, these tips will work for you, too!


Powdering is the simplest solution to the shine problem. Some of us think that powder is too heavy when applied and doesn’t look natural. Well, that’s only the case when applied incorrectly. Powdering after applying foundation will not only set your make-up but most importantly it will take any shine away. Apply with a big powder brush, rather than with a sponge or puff, for a more natural effect.

If that doesn’t do the trick then here is another option:

Mattifying Primer

This is a product that you apply before your foundation to take away shine. Most mattifying primers are clear with a gel texture and a powdered finish once applied. But be careful! Some primers don’t do well with certain textures of foundations and your foundation might ‘shed’ when you apply it (you’ll know what I mean if it happens to you!) My favorite mattifying primer is Givenchy’s Mister Mat. I’ve never had any problems with this primer and you can even apply it ON TOP of your make-up during the day to take away shine instead of powdering (amazing, I know!)

If you prefer just applying moisturizer before your foundation, then opt for a mattifying moisturizer (yes, they exist!) My favorite is Bioderma’s Sebium Mat Control.

If your shine is persistant and primer and powder aren’t cutting it – don’t worry – there is a final option!

Mattifying foundation

Mattifying foundations not only help with shine control but they are often long lasting, which can be a plus! One with a good reputation in Estee Lauder’s Double Wear.

So if you’re having problems this summer (or all year round) with shine then try these solutions!

First Powder. If that’s not enough then Primer + Powder. If that’s still not enough then go for Primer + Foundation + Powder!

Fave of the week

Bobbi Brown’s No Smudge Mascara

One of the only waterproof mascaras that I like! No clumps, no smudges and easy to take off! Gives you beautiful lashes! Definitely a must-have in your vanity this summer!