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How to properly clean your makeup brushes

Sep 10, 2016 | Accessories | 0 comments


So how many of us know how to properly clean our makeup brushes? And how many of you just realized you were supposed to be cleaning your makeup brushes while reading what I just said? You really should be cleaning your brushes! Not only because of the makeup and bacteria that can build up (Ew!) but you can obtain better results with clean brushes!

How do you know when your brushes are dirty? Well, first of the all, the bristles start to get thick. This is often the case for brushes that you’re using with cream/liquid textures. You can tell by touching the bristles that they are not as soft and supple as when they were new (or clean!) and they stick together. Second of all, as is often the case with powder brushes, the bristles start to get stiff. They might be a little rough on the skin during application.

First option

For a quick fix you can use a brush cleaner. It usually comes in a spray and you can spritz your brushes then wipe off the makeup with a paper towel. This will clean your brushes quickly so this is handy if you’re wanting to use the same brush for different color shadows or different textures. It can also be practical if your traveling!

Second option

The second option (my favorite way!) is to wash your brushes with soap and water. Some people prefer to use shampoo. If you decide to use shampoo be sure to use something gentle! I prefer to use bar soap. Here in France there is a soap called Savon de Marseille – this is what I use and it does a fantastic job! Washing your brushes this way allows you to deeply clean them. You should do this at least once a week (or once every other week maximum!) All you have to do is wet the brush bristles with lukewarm water and then brush them along the bar of soap until it starts to lather. Then you massage the bristles with your fingers to help the soap penetrate down to the base of the bristles. Then rinse! Repeat this again until the water runs clear. I put my brushes in a cup to dry out.

One tip to make your brushes dry faster? Take a paper towel, or a cloth, and squeeze all the excess water out of the bristles (you’ll be surprised to see how much water comes out!) If you take all the bristles in the towel at once and squeeze it helps to maintain the brushes shape. Avoid rubbing the brushes against the towel. Doing that might ruin the shape of the brushes and bristles might break off (not a good thing!)

The brushes might take a few hours to dry. So why not wash them after you last application of the day and leave them to dry overnight? This will give them plenty of time to dry, especially if you’ve squeezed all the excess water out of them! FYI Big powder brushes might take a little longer to dry!

Happy Cleaning!

Fave of the week

MAC’s Sheertone Blush ‘Peaches’ 

I just love this blush! It is a delicate coral color. The perfect blend of pink and orange tones. It is matte so it can be worn all year round and it is beautifully natural! It looks great on bronzed as well as fairer skintones. It is fresh and gives a lovely natural pink hue to the cheeks!