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Jun 7, 2018 | Accessories | 0 comments

So whether I’m traveling somewhere for a job or just working locally, I try to stay as organized as possible in my makeup kit! Everything has it’s place. Each category of products has it’s own bag, and it makes packing and unpacking so easy! If I need to grab a product quickly while on set, I know exactly where it is! Efficient and practical!

I usually use a carry-on sized suitcase to pack all my stuff. I have to be prepared for anything so I’ll usually bring a lot of extra ‘just in case’ makeup. This makes for a heavy suitcase! (luckily I have a great chiropractor!) Sometimes I get lucky and I know exactly what products I need to bring with me for a client. In this case, all I usually need is a big bag to put everything in but finding the right back can be tricky. As a traveling makeup artist, practical lightweight bags are key! Recently, I received a bag from The Groomsday . It’s big enough to fit all my essentials and light enough that it doesn’t add any extra weight on my shoulders! So great while hauling my makeup through airports/train stations!

I also ordered a travel vanity for my boyfriend (he travels a ton for work as well). I had both bags embroidered with our initials. Really cute and personable! Definitely check out their website, they have lots of other great stuff, perfect for gifts or for yourself! If you’re in the wedding business or getting married, be sure to check out The Groomsday for your groomsmen or bridesmaids gifts!



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