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Chocolate Brown Smokey Eye

Stay warm this holiday season with this creamy rich brown smokey eye! It’s the perfect look for your next holiday party!

Burnt Orange Smokey Eye with Parisian Touch

This Burnt Orange Smokey Eye is a great seasonal look, but not only!

Sophisticated Natural Look à La Parisienne

Parisian girls are known for their effortless-esque yet sophisticated beauty. People always say, but it looks like they have nothing on and yet they look so chic! Am I right?! In this video, I walk you through each step to achieving this flawless Parisian...

On the go

So whether I'm traveling somewhere for a job or just working locally, I try to stay as organized as possible in my makeup kit! Everything has it's place. Each category of products has it's own bag, and it makes packing and unpacking so easy! If I need to grab a...

Behind the Scenes – Fashion Show

So this past Fashion Week here in Paris, I had the pleasure to work with Exalt Fashion on a fashion show for Gerda Truubon, a designer out of London! I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes look…

Buy & Try – Lip Patch

Face patches are all the rage right now! They exist for your under eyes, lips and your whole face. Since Valentine’s day is coming up soon I decided…

Sponge or Brush – What to choose?

There are so many different kinds of brushes and sponges out there now that is it hard to know what to choose…

Buy & Try – Make-up Brush Cleaning Glove

So brush cleaning gloves have been becoming more and more popular in the past year, I’ve been seeing them all over social media! Even though I’m more of a traditional…

Homemade Plumping Lip Scrub

It is now officially fall and with the changing weather comes chapped lips! Ouch! Chapped lips definitely do not mix with matte or long lasting…

Buy & Try – The Original Make-up Eraser

So I’ve been hearing about this product for a while now and have always been a little curious. When I saw it for sale at Sephora here in Paris…

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