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How to make your mascara last longer

Aug 27, 2016 | Eyes | 0 comments


Do you have a mascara that you love but it’s starting to get thick and clumpy? It’s not your fault if it is! Mascara is only made to last 6 months or so. Unfortunately, certain mascaras start to dry before their time is up (especially Volume mascaras)! But no worries, there is an easy solution: all you need to do is add a few drops of eye drops to your mascara! What I use is a physiological saline solution from Physiodose, but Visine would also do the trick. Drip about 3 drops into the mascara tube then mix it in with the mascara wand and POOF! the mascara is as good as new! If 3 drops isn’t enough then add 1 more drop at a time until the consistency is right. Now, this does NOT mean you can keep your mascara forever (sad, I know!) but you can definitely make it last a bit longer. When your mascara starts to smell strong or starts to irritate your eyes it’s time to throw it out!!

Fave of the week

Guerlain’s ‘La petite robe noire’ Lipstick shade 001

I’m loving this lipstick this summer! It is a moisturizing sparkly light pink lipstick with a yummy cherry taste! It is based on Guerlain’s perfume ‘La petite robe noire’ which is also cherry scented and there are about 15 shades to choose from! I don’t usually go for sparkly lipsticks, but I find this one to be fairly discreet and just pink enough to give a pretty glow to my lips. And I mean, it’s summer, if you can’t sparkle a little then it’s just no fun!