Shine bright during the Paris 2024 Olympics:

Elevate Your Look with Expert Makeup Artist Services


One thing is sure, the world will have its eyes on the breathtaking city of Paris for the 2024 Olympics this summer. Whether you’re a journalist reporting live, a member of a news production crew, shooting a commercial or campaign with athletes, or going to an Olympic event, appearance can significantly impact your confidence and how you’re perceived by millions watching globally. That’s where I step in. As your Paris-based, English-speaking professional makeup artist, I’m ready to make you look your absolute best during this monumental event.

In the bustling atmosphere of the Olympics, where every moment is captured and broadcasted, the importance of professional makeup services cannot be overstated. A flawless makeup application not only enhances your features but also ensures you’re camera-ready under the diverse lighting conditions you’ll face, from the bright daylight of outdoor interviews to the varied lighting of indoor studios and arenas.

My extensive experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including journalists, news production teams, and athletes, has equipped me with the unique skills to cater to your specific needs. Understanding the demands of high-definition cameras and the importance of long-lasting, sweat-resistant makeup for both men and women, I use only the highest quality products to ensure that the makeup will endure the rigors of your day.

Located in the heart of Paris, I am conveniently situated to provide on-site services: camera-ready makeup, makeup for events, makeup touch ups, light hairstyling and men’s grooming. I’m there to ensure that your image, or the image of your athlete/talent, is one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re seeking a natural, refined look or something more bold, I’m here to bring your vision to life.

Don’t let the stress of the Olympics overwhelm you. Let’s work together to ensure that when the world watches, they see you at your best.

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Your moment to shine on the global stage is now, and I’m here to ensure you look nothing short of spectacular. Let’s have a great Olympic summer together!